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Why should you take golf lessons from Elite Golf Performance?

  • Coached Two US Open Champions
  • Coached PGA Tour Winner/Champions Tour Winner
  • Coached US Amateur Champion
  • Elected Speaker PGA Show
  • Speaker PGA Teaching/Coaching Summit
  • Award Winning Program voted by the people "Best Of The Best"
  • EGP was the 'Featured Story' in Texas Golfer Magazine - January, 2011
  • EGP has multiple indoor and outdoor Texas training facilities
  • Proven Track Record
  • We Are Trusted by over 20,000 golfers from around the world
  • EGP is celebrating 24 years in Business

EGP Full Swing Philosophy

The most honest and defined answer to what the majority of all golfers want to know is, what’s the secret to making their downswing precise, silky and creating perfect Timing? The PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours prove every week that all swings in all shapes and forms can and will work at the highest level.

What's The Secret To Golf Or The Golf Swing?

  • Forget working on the position or positions at or thru impact, that’s the effect and is telling the story of bad transition and or downswing fundamentals. Develop the flow of the body and club from transition through impact into the finish, ONE MOVEMENT WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS.
  • The PGA Tour Players all have different angles of attack and impact positions, but their body and club are in sync  from transition into the finish. All Tour players are on a journey for better Timing regardless to any style of swing they choose. You must find your style
  • EGP Definition of Full Swing Golf Timing- The ability to hit the golf ball solid, on the initial target or start line intended, intended trajectory and contolled ball spin relative to the shot type without any regards to backswing form or styles. No matter what conditions: wet, dry, odd lies, slopes on the course external distractions ect, it simply means hitting the intended shot with whatever style of swing the golfer presents. Examples include: Jim Furyk, Kenny Perry, Dustin Johnson, Rory Mcilroy,Ricky Fowler,Lee Trevino and Matt Kuchar ect.

"I watched Ben Hogan hit balls one time in Fort Worth at a seminar he was giving, I quickly realized that I don't care how I make my ball fly like his, but I'm going to make my ball fly like his" Lee Trevino


Lee Trevino did make his ball fly like Ben Hogan, being listed as 1 of the Top 3 men on the ALL TIME Ball Strikers list. The crazy thing is Lee Trevino built a golf swing that was nothing like Ben Hogan but, still created the same type of ball flight Ben Hogan had How is this? It's called Timing

Have you ever heard in Baseball? "The hitter can just put the bat on the ball" That's called Timing, not Fundamentals and it's the same with golf What's the difference between Fundamentals and Timing?

Fundamentals deal with correcting visual mechanics and can possibly aid to better Timing.

Other Golf Academies teach a form for a form or a Tip for a Tip hoping to get better Timing. Since Timing is first and foremost on our teaching we have created our own Timing drills and fundamentals that have been Tested and won in Major Championships and are used daily on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour.

Note: you can have great visual positions in your golf swing and be a very poor player and vise versa. Timing on the other hand is being able to hit the ball solid with desired ball flight and with high repeatability. Timing is a feel/sense, awareness, adjustability and intent. It most certainly can be developed with any player

How is this? It's called Timing

Have you ever heard in Baseball? "The hitter can just put the bat on the ball"
That's called Timing, not Fundamentals and it's the same with golf

What's the difference between Fundamentals and Timing?

Fundamentals deal with correcting visual mechanics and can possibly aid to better Timing.
Other Golf Academies teach a form for a form or a Tip for a Tip hoping to get better Timing. Since Timing is first and foremost on our teaching we have created our own Timing drills and fundamentals that have been Tested and won in Major Champioships and are used daily on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour.

Note: you can have great visual positions in your golf swing and be a very poor player and vise versa.

Timing on the other hand is being able to hit the ball solid and with high repeatability.
Timing is a sense, awareness, adjustabilty and intent

3 Essentials of Timing 

  1. Feel/Sensitivity- Applying the maximum pressures and  appropriate angles in shaft, club face, sole of the club and into and thru the ball
  2. Awareness- Understanding/Feel of where you currently are or "are not" with your body, shaft, clubface, sweetspot and sole of the club the entire swing. (Without video)
  3. Adjustibility- Ability to adjust and hit the ball on the perfect ball flight relative to the shot needed. Finding your own personal slot for your style of swing and ball flight

Example, have you ever watched an athlete that looked a little weird hitting or throwing a ball, but they were OFF THE CHARTS in their respective sport. Golf's example is Bubba Watson, Jim Furyk ect along with many others on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours. This is why TIMING is the king, not fundamentals.

Notice Below the contrasting styles below with swing plane, clubface positions, body positions, arm heights, elbow positions, balance and body types, yet all these players are world class ball strikers. If this does not prove swing plane is all "THEORY" then nothing will. These players really have nothing in common other than they come through the ball without distractions every single time.





How do you aquire Timing? Contact Elite Golf Performance (817) 726-0493 and start training with us so you can learn "The Secret to Golf"

The EGP order of Merit to Full Swing Improvement

  1. Timing
  2. Coordination
  3. Stability 
  4. Playing the Golf Course
  5. Competition Golf

Negative Timing Training

  1. Overtraining on the driving range full swing. (to many range balls)
  2. Reading Golf Magazines or watching videos for lessons etc.
  3. To Many swing thoughts
  4. Incorrect workouts or none at all
  5. Natural swing without any results
  6. Lack of self confidence in their ability


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"Not one person who plays golf has an excuse for a bad short game" - Bob Rosburg

"Not one person who plays golf has an excuse for a bad short game" - Bob Rosburg EGP uses a simplified diverse style of teaching of the short game, current PGA Tour Pros that model our style are Jordan Speith, Tiger Woods, Steve Stricker, Jason Day, Tom Kite, Steve Elkington, Aaron Baddley, John Cook, Corey Pavin and Ricky Fowler. EGP was fortunate enough to be trained in the Paul Runyan style known as lil poison because of his wicked short game skills and stats. EGP believes defense wins championships and the short game is the defense in our respective sport. EGP teaches the easiest short game techniques in the business. We believe in a low risk style and effort, with high rewards. Most golfers are taught with to much movement, which requires again a higher level of Timing and Awareness to learn, we teach a very stable, relaxed and fluid motion that anyone from a novice to the highest level player on the PGA Tour can benefit from. 




Equipment Affects Motion

Equipment is integral to the motion of the golf swing. If your equipment is incorrect you will compensate.

Perfect Timing Equals Confidence

When students feels the timing corrections through impactalong with their ball flight this gives them confidence that clubs really do make a difference and they can perform better on the course
Equipment Feedback

Golfers receive instant feedback through impact with properly fitted clubs. The feel in their hands and looks on the customers face tell the whole story after the fit.
Schedule the Follow-up

The most important moment for a fitted customer is the receiving of their new equipment. When they set-up the follow-up fit to make sure everything is to their satisfaction.
Long Term Relationship

Through a great experience with the fit and clubs that perform our customers build a long term relationship with EGP.


Elite Fitness & Health

Chi is energy. Energy blocks occur through the body that are due to mental tension, diet, stress, anxiety, tightness, strength and balance which all affect proper chi flow. Chi is like water, it flows and your muscles can be like a dam if they are not allowing chi to flow through them. Chi is no myth, it can be acquired through proper understanding and training.

We use kettle bells, tai chi and golf specific exercises to help our players maximize their true potential. If you move better, feel better and are more relaxed you will play better golf without a doubt.

The Diet plays a vital role in feeling better along with reducing stress and anxiety. Many studies have proven that if your core area feels light and "alive" then you will perform your best in any sport. The diet is the most underrated part of fitness, different fitness training requires a different diet.

The Body Systems that control mental and physical health

  • Digestive
  • Intestinal
  • Circulatory
  • Nervous
  • Immune
  • Respiratory
  • Glandular
  • Urinary
  • Skeletal

Elite Mental Game and Health
The golfers mental health is by far and away more important than the golfers mental game.

Studies show that 90% of Americans are stressed out higher than a moderate level. Name any bad health related issue to the mind or body and stress probably has a part in making it worse.

Teaching yourself to play with Supreme confidence, Complete relaxation and with Direct focus is what we believe is the best way to play golf at any level of play. This is the hardest thing to do in Golf because golfers are constantly judging themselves on every single shot good or bad, which transfers into a rollercoaster mental behavior. 

Tip: Take golf results out of the equation for 1 month good or bad and just love and enjoy the great game of golf for what it actually is, not what you made it become. I bet you will find this as a game changer

The Source of mental health issues doesn't come from golf, but it certainly affects the golfers performance good or bad.

Sources of anger, stress and depression are very complicated and most of the time unknown of why this develops in an individual.

Please note there are many different levels of anger, stress and depression, severe cases will need medical attention 1st. Prescription medications should be at all costs the last resort for help.

Awareness, "want to change" and daily practice of mindfulness, diet, herbal remedy and fitness will change anyone that decides they really want to be in a better place mentally and physically. 

Important To Understad
Thoughts cause feeling good or bad
Feelings cause actions good or bad
Actions take place because of your thoughts good or bad

Practice this Daily
If your thoughts aren't good redirect them ASAP to something good, positive or funny, anything but bad, mean or vindictive. Make your thoughts better and your life will soon follow

3 Major Mental Health Aspects
1. Anger - The affects of internal anger for a golfers leads to mental and physical tension. There are many levels and aspects to anger, it's how the player deals with it, acknowledges it and has a solution for it is what will determine whether or not the golfer is affected by it. Studies show golfers get angry quicker and hold anger inside longer after a competition more than any other sport out there, even hockey and football. That's not good!

Some Anger Examples Relative to Golf:

  • Poor Decisions
  • Adverse affects on next shot or entire round
  • Takes the joy out of competition
  • Golf swing will feel quick and jerky
  • Mind will have a "who cares" attitude
  • Golfers plays to fast
  • Golfers will swing with much muscled aggression
  • Breaks clubs or throws clubs
  • Can affect relationships of close friends or family
  • Can lead to quitting this great game

2. Stress - The affects of stress and anxiety for a golfer leads to mental and physical tension.

Some Stress Examples Relative to Golf:

  • Nervousness
  • Quick Decisions
  • Second guessing in the swing
  • Scatter brain
  • Defensive attitude 
  • Poor Breathing
  • Golfer will tend to try to steer the ball around the course
  • Affects Sleep before tournament play or any competition
  • Leads to pre round energy loss and fatique
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Can start a long term slump
  • Can lead to quitting this great game

3. Some depression examples relative to golf - the affects of depression for a golfer leads to mental and physical softness

Depression examples:

  • Timid
  • Unaware
  • Fogging mind
  • Golfers swing to loose and flimsy
  • Slumping posture
  • Lack of confidence
  • Golfer Comes up short a lot
  • Golfer hits the ball thin
  • Golfer doesn't want to be there
  • Can lead to long term slump
  • Can lead to quitting the game

We believe in internal and external training to help individuals deal with their day to day problems:
1. Tai Chi - internal source of movements of the body and relaxing the mind

2. Diet - The diet will aid to an overall feeling better and well being internally and externally. Starving yourself is not a diet, We can help our golfers find the best diet suited for them as an individual.

3. Herbal Programs - Kava Kava is our favorite, but there are so many that can help people in so many different ways

4. Mental Exercises - Mental exercises also help control and help the mind stay relaxed and focused

If all people were more relaxed, happy with themselves and less defensive and vindictive the world in many aspects would be a much better place to live in.

Our Resources Include

Golf Instruction

  • Harvey Pennick, Paul Bertholy, Chuck Cook, Butch Harmon, Rob Rennell and Paul Runyan
  • Paul Bertholy a PGA Master Professional known for being a pioneer of teaching the golf swing trainer 40 years ahead of his time.
  • Chuck Cook known for the work he had with Tom Kite, Payne Stewart and Corey Pavin, 3 US Open Champions.
  • Rob Rennell a PGA Professional known for creating one of the absolute best training centers for Junior Golf Programs in Tennessee
  • Butch Harmon known for the work he had with Greg Norman and Tiger Woods
  • Harvey Pennick  the BEST communicator of all time, along with the most common sense approach of teaching

Biomechanics/Golf Fitness/Martial Arts

  • Biomedical engineer Chris Welch, founder of Zenolink.
  • Chris has collected data over the last 20 years on the PGA tour with research through Zenolink. Chris is known as the innovator and pioneer in bringing golf fitness and golf biomechanics to the mainstream golfing world. Our training with Chris had a direct influence of how Elite Golf Performance started.
  • Pete Dravovich is a world class physical therapist who has worked with players such as Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo and Greg Norman for over 20 years on the PGA tour.
  • The K-Vest, a 3D wireless biofeedback tool designed compliment zenolink data and to train golfers with biofeedback tools to increase golfers performance through better trunk stabilization and coordination patterns.
  • Titleist Performance Institute which trains and educates PGA and LPGA tour players in physical therapy and personal training.
  • MMA Expert Max Bishop, Matt started training at the age of 16 learning JKD Concepts, Muay Thai, Gracie Ju Jitsu, Silat and Weapons training from Max Bishop. Max is known as a pioneer of MMA teaching, a genius of martial arts and not a MAN you want to upset.
  • Tai Chi training under Master Tsao current trained 8 years in both Chen and Yang Style.

Mental Health/Game

  • Brad Christian- Matt's brother a former NAVY SEAL. Brad taught Matt many life skills the he learned through the Navy Seals. Fitness Intensity, Mental Toughness, Discipline, Loose, but Focused, Intense, yet Calm, Finishing the Job, Never Quit and always continue to adapt and learn. Brad is no longer with us, but will always be loved and missed by his friends and loved ones, the contribution  he gave to his country, family and friends will never be forgotten. His daughter Chloe is now 15 years old and is a world class pole vaulter and a former level 9 in gymnastics, her Daddy would be very proud. Here is an article about Brad Christian.

  • Matthew Nutting- Matthew is a world class spots physiologist that works with Rory McElroy, Lee Westwood, Luke Donald ect. ENOUGH SAID. Matthew Nutting and Matt Christian have presented seminars jointly together to share their expertise and experience in both the mind and body and how to make them work together as one.
  • Dale Christian-  Matt's father who has spent pretty much his entire life dedicated to the mental health industry. Working in extreme crisis situations where people had let underlying chronic issues go to long without corrections, which ended up in severe termoil. His job to help get the person to relax and find themselves enough, so that that their body and mind were working on the same page. Techniques he developed and taught were very successful and are beyond helpful for individuals dealing with anger, stress and depression issues. His patients know and respect Dale for his trust and ability to help them recover from a terrible disease that developed in their minds.

Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW)
Graduate: University of Missouri, 1971—Master Science Social Work
National Association Social Workers—Member

Therapist 1971 to 1982—Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center
Therapist and Supervisor Social Work 1982-1987==Arkansas Methodist

Therapist Crisis Service 1987-1998—MidSouth Health Systems
Therapist 1998-Present—Independent Contractor (Past five years
Court Referred Parents Seeking Reunification)
Treatment Modalities:
Crisis Intervention
Motivational Interviewing
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Rational Emotive Therapy
Solutions Focused Therapy